Meet Nia!

Bronx, NY Native, Nia Ross, founded Nini Michelle Visuals in 2018. 

When Ross transitioned to Junior High School, her family moved to Pennsylvania for a better education.  She went to a predominantly Caucasian school where she faced racism. Ross grew up disliking her features due to these circumstances. 

When Nia got to college she decided to go to an HBCU, here she fell in love with every feature she was picked on for in PA.  She began photographing her friends who would always ask her for pictures although she considered herself a videographer. 

Soon enough, she became a photographer with a goal to put the overlooked at the forefront of beauty.  Capturing black and brown women in a light she saw them in, royalty. 

Ross is now based in Silver Spring, MD where she does her Commercial, Editorial, Fashion and Portrait Photography.



“"Such a welcoming environment allowed free creativity and fun while making art."”

—Daniella Kasonga